Animal Eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Horse eye image

These amazing animal eyes macro photographs were taken by Suren Manvelyan. He was born in Yerevan in 1976, and later received a PhD in Theoretical Physics in 2001. To read more of his bio, please check out his Behance page. Above: Horse eye.

Suren’s Animal Eyes

Blue crayfish eye image

Above: Blue crayfish eye.

Caiman eye image

Above: Caiman eye.

HHusky dog animal eyes image

Above: Husky dog animal eye.

Nylus crocodile eye image

Above: Nylus crocodile eye.

Tiger python albino eye image

Above: Tiger python albino eye.

Black rabbit animal eyes image

Above: Black rabbit animal eye.

Tiger python eye image

Above: Tiger python eye.

Credits: All images are copyright © Suren Manvelyan. Please check out his site for more fantastic work.

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One thought on “Animal Eyes by Suren Manvelyan”

  1. Econsim

    very nice pics, even though a bit creepy…