Anamorphic Art by Utisz

Einstein brain

Here are 4 sets of anamorphic art and other work by Hungarian graphic artist and illustrator, Utisz. As you’ll see, his paintings, illustrations, etchings and anamorphic art are unique. They grab the attention of the viewer and inspire:

Utisz Paintings

Staircase image

Thumb Painting

Utisz Painting

Here’s some information on Utisz (István Orosz) :

ISTVÁN OROSZ (1951) Hungarian graphic artist, illustrator,  poster designer, and an animated film maker. He was trained as a graphic designer at the University of Arts and Design in Budapest. After graduation in 1975 he began to deal with theatre as a stage designer and animated film. Later when poster came to the center of his interest also made mainly theatre, movie and exhibition posters. Under the influence of Eastern-European pro-democratic movement he drew some political posters as well.His individual graphic works of art are often related to postmodernism by archaic forms, art historical references, stylistic quotations and playful self-reflection. Themes of the natural sciences, especially of geometry and optics appear in most of his works. [more]

Utisz Illustration

Universe Illustration

Einstein Illustration

Swimming Image

Utisz Etchings

Room Etchings

Utisz etching landscape

Portal Etching

Utisz Anamorphic Art

Anamorphoses 2

Anamorphoses 3


All images are copyright © Utisz | István Orosz // Bio quote via the Utisz Blogspot site.

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