Design Soak Deal: 700 Photoshop Resources – only $49!

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Designers today have it way too easy. Why back in the old days we used to have to draw stuff by hand and then scan it in. And that was only after trekking through 10 feet of snow to chop down a tree and carve pencils…

Today’s designers get to use Photoshop, which gives them pretty much limitless access to express their creativity. But the really cool part about Photoshop is the ability to add on all sorts of resources to make designing even easier, as well as offering new approaches.

For a limited time only, you can get over 700 Photoshop resources from Packsdownload for just $49! That’s a 50% savings off the $99 regular price! This Mighty Deal features 26 resource packages that include brushes, gradients, layer styles, patterns or actions.

This mega resource pack includes:

3D Effects
Grunge streaks
Glass Styles
Stripe Styles
Letterpress Styles
Leaves Brushes
Tree Brushes
Wood Styles
Bokeh Brushes
Circle Brushes
Line Brushes
and tons more!

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Here’s a Selective Preview….

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Free Bonus Files!!!

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