6 Geeky Poster Prints By Wallaroo

These geeky poster prints would look good on office walls and anywhere, er, geeky! I especially like the poster with ones and zeros, which means “I love you” (the final image shown)….

2012 Calendar for Computer Geeks – Hexadecimal numbers

Calendar for Computer Geeks image

If you love technology, you can’t pass on this calendar. It was designed using HEX numbers instead of the decimal notation. All computer geeks (especially those who work in/studied this field may remember trying to memorize the different values in your initial computer classes. Much like binary, Hexadecimal was yet another challenge to conquer)

Inspirational Art Print – Whatever you do, Be You

The great blue and green poster design

This print reads ‘ Whatever you do, be you’. It serves as a reminder to always be authentic and staying true to your personality.

Digital Typography Print – I love you more now than Ever

This poster design says I love you with a green background

“I love you more now than ever” is a cute digital print for your special someone. This print has a textured background which is available in other colors as well. This print would make a great anniversary gift as it is a reminder than when you love someone, that love continues to grow throughout the relationship despite disagreements or struggles.

Love Art Print – One Two Three Love

Red and white poster design

This print reads “One, Two, Three, Love”. It makes for a great wall art piece for you bedroom, living room, hallway or nursery room. It is meant to remind you how important it is to love.

Binary Poster Print – I Love You in Red and Black

A poster with lots of ones and zeros

Say it with binary code and say it in poster size. This prints reads: I love you which has been translated to computer code. Ones and zeros all the way.

Credits: All the images used within this set are copyright The Wallaroo. Please head over to their online store for more great poster designs.

Funny Art Print – Save the Earth Gray and Pink

Save the earth poster, which features chocolate

If you are looking for a funny print to decorate your room or to give as a gift, this is a great option. This print reads “Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate”. It is a reminder to care for our planet and with a funny twist to it that should appeal to all chocolate lovers.

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