Stunning 3D Illusion Sketch Art

These captivating Sketch Art 3D illustrations were created by talented Japanese artist, Nagai Hideyuki. He used two separate sketchbooks to create illusions that use shadows and unique perspective to simulate 3D effects. You’d have to view these from the correct angle, of course…

3D Illusion Sketch Art Gallery

Stunning 3D Illusion Sketch

I think the sketches are amazing, and it’s the kind of thing I wish that I would have thought up in my days at Art School! In this age of computers, it’s really important for people to still use good ‘ol media like sketchbooks and pencils to keep on creating and innovating.

3D sketch pad

Spiral on notepad

Bomb sketch on paper

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3D Illusion Sketch of robot

3D Illusion Sketch of robotic structure

3D Sketch on paper pad showing man

Credits: All images displayed within this set are Copyright © Nagai Hideyuki. Head over to his site for more inspiring sketch art works. Found via Colossal Art and Design. More information on Nagai Hideyuki, Japanese Artist: Facebook fan page – // Deviant art – // Youtube –

3D Illusion robot coming out of notepad

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Ink Bubble 2

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Sketchbook artwork image