15 Unusual and Cool USB Flash Drives

Cool USB Flash Drives

Here are 15 cool USB flash drives for your amusement. From Angry Birds to lego® and starwars, these designs offer creative solutions for the humble data stick…

Cool USB Flash Drive styled as Lego®

Lego USB Memory Bricks

These Lego USB Memory Bricks are stackable and interchangeable [link].

Batman Mini Batmobile USB Flash Drive

Batmobile USB Stick

Classy Batman Mini Batmobile USB Stick [link].

35mm Film USB Flash Drive

Film USB Drive

Take a trip down memory lane and remember the way photographs were taken for decades—with this 35mm film 4GB USB flash drive [link].

USB Flash Drive Gold Diamond Edition

USB Flash Drive Gold

Very expensive USB Flash Drive, Gold Diamond Edition [link].

ChocoByte: USB Accessorized Memory Stick

ChocoByte Memory Stick

Very unusual ChocoByte Memory Stick in display packaging [link].

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Flash Drive

R2-D2 USB Flash Drive

Very realistic looking R2-D2 USB Flash Drive. I love the way his head comes off to reveal the connector [link].

Swiss Army Flash Knife

Swiss Army Flash

This Swiss Army Knife has a handy flash drive included.

USB Thumb Drive

USB Thumb Drive

Yes, this one literally uses wordplay for a tad of humour [link].

USB Watermelon Flash Drive

USB Watermelon

Refreshing USB Watermelon Flash Drive design.

4GB Mario USB Thumb Drive

Mario USB

Retro funky Mario USB Thumb Drive [link].

Domino USB Stick

Domino USB

These are quite funky. Instead of one USB, the Domino splits into two [link].

Star Wars Mimobots

Star Wars Mimobots

These Star Wars Mimobots are rather quirky. Can’t see 3CPO, though [link].

Surfboard USB Flash Drive

Surfboard USB

Save your tide of data with this Surfboard USB Flash Drive [update: this link is no longer active].

Teddy Bear USB “Stick”

Teddy Bear USB

This poor teddy has a USB connector instead of a head [link].

Angry Birds Cool USB Flash Drives

Angry Birds USB

Cool USB Flash Drives of red, blue, yellow and white Angry Birds.

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