10 Weird Sea Creatures

This selection of weird sea creatures (that are actually quite beautiful) were photographed by talented diver,  Alexander Semenov. From what appears to be worms, snakes, crustaceans and other marine species, these images are absolutely stunning. Last year, I can rememberwatching  a program on National Geographic, which showed varied creatures of the deep. Every since watching the program, I’ve been fascinated by the colour, shape and variety of God’s creations in the Earth’s oceans. I’ve chosen a selection of 10 images to show you below, but there are more over on Alexander’s profile. Enjoy these and be amazed…

weird sea creature

sea worm

Many marine species can’t be photographed underwater for a variety of different reasons. Some animals are too small, some spend their life burrowed in the seafloor, and some live in the dark depths where nobody can dive. At our station, we collect specimens using different methods and as a result are able to make photos [read more].

red weird sea creatures

weird sea creature on black background

weird sea bug

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sea snake

sea creature

sea snail

Credits: The 10 Weird Sea Creatures images shown in this set on Design Soak Magazine are Copyright © Alexander Semenov. Head over to his profile for more fantastic photography.

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Alexander Semenov photograph of sea worm or snake


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ocean artist glasswork

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Iron Plated Snail Shell