10 Vintage VW Campervan Images

1966 vw microbus

VW Campervan Images of various Volks Wagon vans and buses. I’m sure you’ll adore these. Above: 1966 Volkswagen deluxe microbus [© Sunset Classics link].

More VW Campervan Images

VW Vans and Buses

Above: VW Camper Vans and Buses [© link].

blue vw campervan

Above: Rear side of van [link].

classic van

Above: Classic vintage cream wedding Camper Van [link].

Green VW Van

Above: Lime-green VW Camper Van [link].

Vintage Van

Above: Vintage Camper Van with white Volkswagen badge [© link].

VW Camper Van

Above: Turquoise-green VW Camper Van [link].

VW camper van image

Above: Yellow & Red VW camper van image [© link].

Brown VW camper van image

Above: Brown and orange VW camper van image [© link].

orange vw campervan

Above: Funky orange Volkswagen camper van [update: this link is no longer active – please let me know if you know the author of this image so I can relink].

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One thought on “10 Vintage VW Campervan Images”

  1. Newt Gold

    I started with a 1958 Van bus. I think it was brown and Ivory. I always waived to fellow owners, and many of us usually met at the dealers shop as we waited for the engine to cool down for the 3000 mile valve adjustment. If we drove over 50 mph. we would often blow a valve The 36 hp engine , four speed stick ,and flat steering wheel was fun to drive. A real shock came as the clutch went flat to the floor as th cable broke.
    Memories from a much younger man.