10 Unusual Chess Sets

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Unusual Chess Sets image

Here are 10 unusual chess sets that I found recently. There’s everything from a stand-up chess board, to ones made from glass, fabric and crochet. There’s even an Angry Birds one too. Enjoy…

Stand-Up Chess

Stand-Up Chess

Above: Stand-Up Chess [link no longer active].

“1966” Chess Board

1966 chess set image

Above: 1966 Chess Set [link].

Unique Crochet Chess Set

Crochet chess set image

Above: Crochet Chess Set [link].

Modernist Chess Set

Glass chess set

Above: Modernist Lucite Chess Set [link].

Keys Chess Board

keys and locks chess set image

Above: Keys and Locks Chess Board [© link].

Lego® Star Wars Chess Custom Board

Lego Star Wars Chess

Above: Lego Star Wars Chess Set [link no longer active]..

Chess Board for Three Players

3-way wooden Chess Set

Above: 3-Way Wooden Chess Set [link].

Fabric-Styled Chessboard Set

Fabric Chessboard Set

Above: Fabric Chessboard Set  [link].

Chain-mail Chess Board

Chainmail (Maille) Chess Set

Above: Chain-mail (Maille) Chess and Checkers Set [link no longer active]..

Funky Angry Birds Chess Set

angry birds chess board set

Above: Angry Birds Unique Chess Set [link].

Credits: All images are © copyright their respective holders, and linked to underneath each image.

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