10 Terrific Twitter Creations by Pepco

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Election Invite

This collection of Twitter-based design was designed and created by New York based Pepco Studio. From original postcards, to T-shirts and a cushion, this set of images shows some serious creative talent. Using a new, refreshed Twitter bird to spearhead a majority of the design work, it’s quite an impressive selection to see. The image shown above is an election invite advertising ‘Twitter for President”. Take a look at the rest…

Twitter Design Postcard Image

Above: Twitter Design Postcard.

twitter creations Tee

Above: Designo French Twitter Tee.

India Blog Art

Above: India Blog Art.

SXSW Flyer

Above: SXSW Flyer.

Twitter Design Pillow image

Above: Twitter Design Pillow.

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Mighty Deals Web Banner for Design Soak

Twitter Employee Handbook

Above: Twitter Employee Handbook.

140th Employee Shirt

Above: 140th Employee Shirt.

From the Pepco studio site:

Pepco studio is the award-winning design and illustration of Philip E Pascuzzo. Accolades have been received from Graphis, Print, CMYK magazine, the New York Society of Illustrators, The New York Book Show, Readerville, American Photo, Association of American University Presses, and Faceoutbooks [read more].

twitter creations

Above: Twitter Sigg Designs.

German Blog Art Large

Above: German Blog Art. Credits: All images in this set are Copyright © Pepco Studio. Head over to their site for more original work. I love postcard printing and related design work─please check out the following posts…

6 Original Twitter Posters

Hot on the heels from the previous post Social Media Campaign Posters, here are a set of twitter posters for you. Yes, they’re unsurprisingly dominated by the colour blue—and very imaginative [ SEE MORE ].

Twitter poster

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