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Angry Birds Images handmade gallery:

Handmade Angry Birds

Here’s a collection of 10 handmade Angry Birds items of merchandise for your enjoyment. If you like the game, maybe you’ll be interested in custom hats, jewellery and even notebooks. Here are the angry birds images:

“The Egg Bomber” Silver Plated Ring

Angry Birds Egg Bomber

The Egg Bomber Silver Plated Ring. ” favourite of every smart phone-gamer, the Egg Bomber from Angry Birds is featured on this ring. Set on a silver plated adjustable ring base and ready to be perched on your finger!” [update: this link no longer active].

Angry Birds Red Bracelet

Red Bracelet

Custom bracelet: “The Band is Stretchy and Comfortable.”[update: this link no longer active].

Bracelet Made of Polymer Clay and Czech Glass

Kids Bracelet

Kids Bracelet. “Each piece is made with quality beads in addition to the handcrafted polymer beads, such as Swarovski crystals, real gemstones, glass cats eyes and druks.” [update: this link no longer active].

Black Bomb Bird note set

Bird note set

Black Bomb Bird note set. “This holder is refillable, just add a new pad of self sticky notes using double sided tape when empty. These are handmade so each one is unique…”[update: this link no longer active].

Angry Birds Images – Bow

Coloured Bow

Pink/Red Bow. “A red, orange, and black polka dot bow with a polymer clay center.With black glitter ribbon and red rhinestones. Bow measures 5 inches and is on a 2inch french clip.” [update: this link no longer active].

Angry Birds Big Red Dangle Earrings

Angry Birds Earrings

Red Bird Earrings: “This set was created from polymer clay, red spots painted on his side and eyes painted with acrylic paint, then coated with a satin glaze to protect from dirt.” [link]

Angry Birds Pig Earrings

pig earrings

King Pig Dangle Earrings. “This set was created from polymer clay, googly eyes, and the crown was painted with a gold color acrylic paint. then coated with a satin glaze to protect from dirt.” [link].

Pink King Pig Adjustable Silver Ring

Pink King Pig

Pink King Pig Silver Ring. “Pink King Pig from Angry Birds on an adjustable silver plated ring. Will fit any finger as its adjustable. Perfect for an Angry Bird gamer. Great gift, completes any outfit.” [link]

Angry Birds crochet beanie

Crochet beanie

Crochet beanie. “Here’s something for the newest game craze. Wouldn’t you love to wear this beanie as you are sling shotting angry birds at monkeys? … This Beanie is crocheted with acrylic yarn and plastic buttons for the eyes.” [link]

Handmade lush Toys

angry birds plush toy

Handmade Toys. “Each plushie of Angry Birds is handmade of felt, and comes with fiberfill and accurate detail from original characters in the popular game Angry Birds.” [link]

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