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Vintage Machines Retro machines

Vintage machines of the 70’s and 80’s. Can you remember the technology back then? I can remember some of the 80’s machines from when I was young—they were top-tech! Here is a selection of retro games consoles, telephones, TV’s and camera to either take you back or simply just to inspire.

These Vintage Machines are currently available via the links (this is Not an affiliate post). Enjoy…

Vintage Polaroid Amigo 620 Instant Camera

Vintage Polaroid Camera

Vintage Polaroid Amigo 620 Instant Camera details:

A cute 600 Polaroid camera in the ‘Amigo’ 620 version- sure to be your new best friend! This is a clean vintage Polaroid camera that has been tested with an empty battery pack and appears to be in working order. Camera is in good vintage condition with very few signs of wear to the body… [link].

Vintage Record Wall Clock

vintage wall clock

Vintage Record wall clock details:

This vintage “thats soul III” record has been given a new lease of life and now hangs proudly on the wall telling you its time to boogy! it has been fitted with a modern battery operated clock, keeps time and works perfectly… [April 2012: link no longer active].

Vintage Quasar Portable TV with Cute Matching Remote

Vintage Quasar TV

Vintage Machines: Quasar Portable TV details:

Really cool vintage Quasar portable TV. Yellow 1980s television in perfect shape, with a mini version that is the remote! In working order, can be hooked up to a VHS player, (remember those!) and show your Revenge of the Nerds movies… [link].

Vintage 1985 NES Video Game System

Vintage NES Video Game System

Vintage 1985 NES Video Game System details:

This vintage and retro NES system is a perfect piece for gamers and people creating a gameroom. This NES comes with the NES control deck, two controllers, 1 zapper, an original AC adapter… [link].

8-Track Player Recorder and Tapes

8-Track Player Recorder

8-Track Player Recorder with 8 Tapes, details:

Here is a great condition, working 8-Track player and recorder, complete with tapes from The Beatles, Elvis & more! This plays great, and even has a headphone jack. All tapes have been tested, and work. The Record feature also works. The player could probably use a good head cleaning, just because of age, but it still sounds great… [link].

Cute Garfield Cat Desk Phone

Garfield Cat Desk Phone

Cute Garfield Cat Desk Phone details:

Garfield the cat phone from Tyco, dated 1991 […] Garfield seems to be stretching out relaxing with his eyes closed and his famous smile across his face. Answering the phone or making a call and Garfield wakes up and opens his eyes… [link].

1980’s Casio Pocket Color Television

1980 Casio Color Television

1980’s Casio Pocket Color Television details:

This is so cool and retro 1980! It still works! This pocket color television was a big deal in 1980. Model TV-400V. Still has the plastic case. Has good antenna and good volume. Scratchy picture and gets better when near a television… [April 2012: link no longer active].

Vintage Nintendo Donkey kong Junior Game

Vintage Nintendo Donkey kong

Vintage Nintendo Donkey kong Junior details:

Very Good shape and condition and comes with original battery cover. No missing picture, still dark LCD, no leak,
Stand good, sound good and serial intact […] Grab it to complete your vintage collection… [link].

Bright lemon yellow rotary telephone

Bright lemon telephone

Bright lemon yellow rotary telephone details:

The perfect detail for your mod room, this cheerful rotary telephone speaks volumes about style and bold color. While gorgeous, this phone is probably more for display than for long conversations. The body itself is in good condition, no cracks or major scuffs… [link].

All these Vintage Machines photos are copyright © of their respective holders. Items linked are currently available (as of July 30th 2011) on Etsy.

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Recycled Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

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Used Tire Lion sculpture

These recycled tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji are totally unique. I can’t remember ever seeing anything quite like them before. What makes these works even more notable is the fact that they’re made from something that is often thrown away or even burned. My favourite is the lion sculpture above. Below are 9 more of these fantastic pieces of art:

More Recycled Tire Sculptures

Buffalo sculpture

Yong Ho Ji’s site reads:

One must take note of the tires used in Yong Ho Ji‘s works. In the animal-like forms Yong Ho Ji created with the tire, the forms are generally realistic and refined, despite the rough texture of the tire used as the artistic material. Of course, upon closer view, one realizes that the forms do not resemble real animals. There is a sculpture that upon first glimpse resembles a horse, but its hind legs are those of a cows and the tail of a chicken. In these figures, tires intensify the grotesqueness to create science-fiction like monstrous figures [read more].

Dog Sculpture

Horse Sculpture\

Rhinoceros Sculpture

Shark Tire Sculpture

Spider Tire Sculpture image

Tire Cat sculpture

Tire Jaguar recycled sculpture

Wilde beast head image

All images about are copyright © Yong Ho Ji. Why not check out for more fantastic recycled tire sculptures and contact information.

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Art of the Skateboard Photo

Skateboard Photo

Joe Stevens is a photographer based in Portland OR, USA. He “lives through his lens” and has spent 10 years bringing images to life. What sets Joe apart is his ability to tell a story through his photographic work. In this case, he has done a fantastic job taking skateboard photos:

Skateboard Photo 2

Skateboard Photo 3

Skateboard Photo 4

Skateboard Photo 5

Skateboard Photo 6

Skateboard Photo 7

Steep-Wall Skateboard Photograph

All images are copyright © Joe Stevens. Please check out his fantastic site, for more photos and other creative works.

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Top 15 Hidden Stairs

secret hidden doorways

Here are 15 amazing stairways that are either hidden, concealed or cleverly-built. This is a follow-on post from the very popular Top 10 Secret Doorways.

Hidden Stairways Images:

Hidden Spiral Staircase

Above: Hidden Spiral Staircase [link].

Secret Slate Stairway

Above: Secret Rock Stairway [via].

Underground Spiral Stairs

Above: Underground Hidden Wine Cooler Spiral Stairs [link].

Secret Stairs

Above: Secret Stone Hidden Stairs [link].

Hidden Stairwell Castle

Above: Hidden Stairwell in Castle [link].

Hidden Bunker Steps

Above: Hidden Doorway and Bunker Steps [link].

Secret Stairway hidden in Undergrowth

Above: Secret Stairway in Undergrowth [link].

Navplio Palamidi Staircase

Above: Navplio Palamidi Treppe Staircase [link].

Secret Cliff Stairway

Above: Secret Cliff Stairway [via].

Secret Stairway Bookshelf

Above: Secret Stairway behind Bookshelf [link].

Hidden stairway in France

Above: Hidden stairway, Fort de Buoux, Provence, France [link].

French Castle Stairway

Above: France Castle Stairway [link].

Secret Spiral Staircase image

Above: Secret Spiral Staircase [link].

Secret Stairway Mykines

Above: Hidden Stairs at Mykines [link].

Bookshelf Staircase image

Above: Bookshelf Staircase Hidden Stairs [link].

All images are believed to be © copyright of the links given below each image. However, if any of these are not correct, please let me know so I can correct them.

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Hidden forest doorway image

Character Designer Jason Freeny

Nemo Fish

Character Designer Jason Freeny had created some stunning “skeleton” character sculptures that are totally unique. Jason was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Images above: Nemo Fish Character Design / Ducky Skeleton Sculpture.

Ducky Character

More Great “Skeleton” Character Designs:

Bunny Sculpture

Above: Bunny Character Sculpture

Toy Story Alien

Above: Toy Story Alien Character Design

Care Bear Sculpture

Above: Care Bear Skeleton Sculpture

Hello Kitty Sculpture

Above: Hello Kitty Character Sculpture

Jaws Sculpture

Above: “Jaws” Character Sculpture

MiniQee Sculpture

Above: MiniQee Character Sculpture

Skeleton Sculpture

Above: Skeleton Character Sculpture

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Above: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with Skeleton

Worm Sculpture

Above: Worm Character Sculpture

Mario Skeleton

Above: Mario Skeleton

Yoshi Character

Above: Yoshi Character Sculpture

All images are © copyright Jason Freeny. Please visit Moist Production [sorry, link broken from Feb 2013 – please contact me if you know new URL for Jason’s work] for more work examples and sculptures // Copyrighted characters are the intellectual property of their respective credited companies.

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